Spring: Joy of being

When I think of spring, I am always reminded of a beautiful dream I had a few years ago in which I was walking down a path that was covered in thick snow; literally everything around me gleamed white. Then, I looked down and to my surprise I saw one single dandelion pushing through the snowflakes like a tiny golden sun  rising up from the centre of the Earth.  The joy I felt was indescribable. You know how feelings are much more intense in dreams? I felt so much joy, hope, love and happiness all rolled into one. When I woke up my eyes were brimming with tears of joy.

I believe that through my dream I’d reached a higher level of consciousness and seen the natural joy of being. It is always there and yet it eludes most of us in our waking state because our minds filter out our experiences, removing us from living and sensing the perfect Now.  Dreams often provide the opportunity to raise our awareness of reality in all its rawness. For that, I am truly grateful.