My dark night

Despite my spiritual awareness, there are times when the darkness descends. I imagine that is true for most people, if not all. In recent months this darkness has at times become so pervasive that creates my experience of a ‘dark night.’

During this dark night of the soul, feelings and emotions seem to possess my very being. The main ones are despair, loneliness, lack of motivation, loss of meaning, and even lack of faith in spirit. Whilst I can look back at my experience of feeling connected to Spirit and the faith, love and joy that results from that, it no longer touches the darkness. I am in an unreachable place and even begin to doubt everything I have ever experienced.

Simultaneously, I am struck by the most intense yearning of my life; a desire to find union with the Divine. My fear is that such a state is lost to me forever and as such I sometimes find myself finding a pseudo comfort in earthy matters believing that perhaps that is all the meaning there is after all. Of course, none of it ultimately satisfies, so I go back to hoping, praying, that I can reconnect somehow,  but often feeling more lost than ever.

I have learnt to ride these feelings out. I sit with them in meditation, allowing the fear, the loneliness and all the rest to be there, and invite them to show me what I need to see. I imagine a speck of light guiding me forwards, bringing me to this point in my awareness. I can’t see it, but I trust that it is there.

In moments of trust and pure surrender, I am suddenly lifted into the golden light of awareness where everything makes sense and I know it’s all fine; it always was. My dreams point to this light; they remind of me that love is the ultimate truth and that we are all connected, all One, even when that knowledge is forgotten.




10 thoughts on “My dark night

  1. Thank you for this post. I also go through the same moments, the same dark nights. I believe it is human to fall into despair every so often when things don’t make sense, or as you say, we forget our place in the world, our connection to all living beings, and to God/Source. But when we find that light again, we remember, everything is as it should be, and without the darkness, the light could not exist. Sending you love and light ❤

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    1. Hi Josie thanks for your comment. I’m sorry you’ve also experienced this but you’re right, the light can’t exist without the darkness. Feeling lost and lacking is part of it all, even if it seems very much the opposite. Love and light back to you! A x

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    1. Hi, many thanks for your comment! Sorry I’m not sure what you mean and don’t want to misinterpret. Are you saying that those more sensitive people are more in tune with those who are less aware, or the opposite? Blessings! x


      1. No problem. The more sensitives are in tuned with the energy of the world and are more aware of others pains and joys. So the get more overwhelmed because it is harder for the in tuned ones to express the truth of their awareness. Society I find are less able to accept real honesty when it comes to what we feel inside.


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