Everything is passing though


A train has long appeared in my dreams as a representation of life’s journey. I see myself sitting on many different seats, looking at many different views, holding many different emotions. Sometimes I am not on the train, but at a crossing, waiting for it to pass by. Other times I am running for the platform, praying I don’t miss it or get on the wrong one. As a child, I feared the train moving off before I could jump off behind my mother, or get on behind her; other times I tried to reach the communication cord. Even worse, sometimes I was on the railway line, about to get run over by a fast approaching locomotive. Over the years trains have taken many different forms; old-fashioned steam trains, modern trains, morphing trains, trains full of white doves, trains rusted and heavily buried under woodland.

Trains carry perfectly the notion of an evolving consciousness and its many sights and experiences over the course of a human life. Taking it further, I can understand the train symbol as a reminder that everything is passing by in its own timeframe; thoughts, emotions, people and animals we love, daily experiences. Of course,  some last much longer than others and some last for the duration of our own lifetime, for better or for worse, in accordance with our consciousness. But eventually everything slips away like images from the train window as we reach the final destination; there the journey as a human being, at least in this current form, will end.

That is no longer a depressing thought for me. In fact I find it comforting. It reminds me of the preciousness of this life and the beauty of the natural cycle. It is humbling indeed to realise that I will never see a certain person again as they existed in this life, or that this might be the last day I walk my dog. Life is a series of moments, like views out of a train window, each of them unique and precious and yet infinitely ungraspable  – the more we try to cling onto a particular view, the faster it eludes us. Eventually we realise that it is futile because we are constantly moving, evolving, that is the nature of life.

For my dad, who loved trains so much. RIP.




4 thoughts on “Everything is passing though

  1. Your analogy of the trains touches me deeply for trains were a part of my childhood. There was a train track one block from my house and a round house where my grandfather took me to watch the trains turn around. The sound of a train whistle in the distance always pulls up sweet memories for me. Your writing is lovely.

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    1. Thank you for for kind comment and for visiting! How lovely to have lived so close to a train track. I wish I had done. The sound or sight of trains going past still makes me feel happy! Something about travel I guess. Blessings. A x


  2. I love the parallel you depict here of trains coursing as a journey in our lives. Since you have dreamt of them since childhood and they have taken on such profound meaning, it truly speaks of the call on your life. Locomotives of such speed and stature represent forward motion in a more impactful way than a car which is limited to a few passengers. Trains represent the ability to carry many others into finding their own purpose, which makes you a conduit of great anointing. You have the depth and acceptance needed for a life’s journey into bigger circumstances than the average person. These are destiny dreams, pointing toward all the scenes you will impact. I especially liked the antique or vintage train, or the morphing train that you mentioned, those represent a facet of your personality that is honoring the past and ready to evolve into what God has for you. Dreams are meant to be Gods way of directing our steps during our waking hours. I bless your dreams and your destiny. You are already on your way to something big.

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    1. Hello, thanks for commenting! That is a really interesting perspective, I hadn’t thought of that, but it really makes sense that trains speak of my destiny. I do have a driven personality and have gone through a lot in my life including transforming a great deal of a difficult past. Thanks so much for sharing your view – it’s lovely when someone says something that completely resonates in a way I hadn’t considered before! Blessings. A x

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