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Hello and welcome. My name is Alicia.

This blog represents my personal, yet wholly impersonal, life’s journey as I travel home to and within the Divine Consciousness that illuminates all things.

As a lot of people, I have suffered terribly in my life, with a difficult and lonely childhood, an emotionally abusive marriage, chronic illness, and disabled child being only but of a few of the experiences and situations I have gone through thus far. Throughout my journey I have been aware of a greater power yet only recently have I truly recognised that I am that power. By this, I don’t mean that my conditioned human mind holds the power. Rather, I am the Divine Consciousness that illuminates my human self. Some people simply say ‘I am.’

I can describe this as ‘my’ awakening but really it is the awakening of Consciousness that lives and breathes as me, you, my dog, the trees, the entire universe; indeed every shifting and changing physical form.

I fall into periods of what I call unconconscious time and time again, when I believe my human self is all there is and that I am alone in a very cruel world. After each of those dark periods I open to allow more light in. With the wisdom of hindsight, I can see that my entire life plays out to allow me to accept the Divine Consciousness that I am.

On a human level I enjoy reading, blogging (of course), sitting in nature, music, playing piano, cooking and basically trying to do the best I can each day. I follow a path of acceptance, surrender and letting go, to the extent that it is possible with where I am each day.

This blog is written with the intent to share my journey, to keep me focused on the path so I can see where I have strayed, and hopefully connect with others along the way.

Please feel free to leave a comment or send a message if you would like to know more.

Love and blessings

Alicia x